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Case_7-2 - They accuse the manager and Walmart of false...

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Cody Shaw Case 7-2: Vaughn vs. Walmart Facts: Took place at Walmart in Jefferson Parish Involves a family going to Walmart to shop and 2 of the them buy items and then walk to the back of the store and were accused of stealing since they had their hand in the Walmart bag when a manager walked by. They were told not to leave the store by the manager who caught them and she took their bag $1500 judgment filed against them Issue: The manager took the bag from the girl and went through it checking her receipt She was told to go to the front of the store and wait for the rest of their party, but she was never told by the manager that she could leave.
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Unformatted text preview: They accuse the manager and Walmart of false imprisonment for their actions Law: • False Imprisonment o Unreasonable force was used o No reasonable cause existed for the belief that the suspect had committed a theft of goods o The detention lasted more than 60 minutes, unless it was unreasonable under the circumstances that the suspect be detained longer Court Decision: • Court of appeals: Granted each child $500 in damages plus court costs • Trial Court: Reversed Why: • The decision was reversed because none of their testimony matched what was stated in the law as “False Imprisonment,” therefore being reversed by the trial court...
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