1._Introduction_to_Business_in_Literature - Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Business in Literature 18:36 IHYC “I Hate You Camp” Hollywood/professor view Really blame Big Business, not as much small business Tom Hanks vs. Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail There’s some point when you become the biggest/most powerful in an industry that you’re no longer an idol but should be condemned In order to “get rid of them” Anti trust laws GPIT: graduated progressive income tax Reduces incentives but also redistributes Surtax on the wealthy View that you didn’t really earn the money but instead stole it from the hardworking Estate tax/Death tax Idolizes rising from nothing as opposed to inheritance Corporate Tax Take money from the rich/largest companies & give it to the smaller companies Very effective in chopping down big business Added to the downfall of Lehman Brothers If you try to pass the cost of the tax to your product, it makes it more expensive/lesser quality...
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1._Introduction_to_Business_in_Literature - Introduction to...

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