2_Blame_Big_Business - uncontrolled appetite for private...

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2. Blame Big Business 20:13 So What? Social/political views The value of Empirical data for both camps What consequences do you want? They’re just after different things that they view as an admirable goal One possible “good outcome”: economic stability, unemployment down Not what IHYC wants They want all the consumers to have the same, an equality of results Difference in empirical data is what they’re after Anything bad that is actually bad or allegedly bad, blame big business Robber Barons
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Unformatted text preview: uncontrolled appetite for private profit, Business men are the cause of all the disaster, outrage & misery that followed. Ex: obesity/childhood obesity ILYC would blame the individual/parents Stop eating so much IHYC would blame the companies for unhealthy food, advertising (deceitful & self-serving), large portions Blames McDonalds as well as the larger problem of Fortune 100 companies trying to make a profit Examples for question 3 of the quiz Middle class foreclosures Epidemic in the country Dont blame the individuals for taking on too large of loans, blame finance...
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2_Blame_Big_Business - uncontrolled appetite for private...

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