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9/7/10 Criminal Law Every element of the definition of a crime must be proved in order for the court to make a decision Larceny (Theft) : The trespatory taking and carrying away of personal property from another person with the intent of not returning the goods. 1. Trespatory (Trespassing) 2. Taking 3. Carry Away 4. Person Property- An object that can physically be taken or land 5. Another Person 6. Intent to permanently deprive Robbery: Larceny with the addition to the victim being present and is usually done with threat or force 1. Victim is present 2. Threat of force Burglary: The unauthorized entrance into a building with the intent to commit a felony. 1. Entering a building or car 2. Intent to commit a felony Burglary of a building during the night is a more serious crime than burglary of a building during the day. Extortion: (Blackmail)The act of making someone pay to ensure that a picture of them doing
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Unformatted text preview: something bad doesnt get out etc. 1. Consent of victim 2. Do/say bad things if not paid Bribery: (Kickbacks) The act of giving person money to influence a decision or give something to get something. Ex: Someone may offer you a job in the white house if you drop out of the election. 1. Offer of Bribe (act) 2. Acceptance of bribe Hot Checks: Writing a check knowing that you do not have enough money in your account to pay the balance of the check even if you know money is coming in. Embezzlement: Involves a trusted employee or agent to whom funds or property has been trusted and is now converted for his or her own use. Ex: Using investors money for things other than investing, such as using it to buy yourself a new car or house. Embezzlement usually starts off small and eventually grows. The biggest clue of embezzlement is lifestyle....
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