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10/21/10 Contrary to Statute (legislature will not enforce) 1. Usary – Max % you are allowed to charge on a transaction 2. Gambling – agreements not enforced a. Collectors come to your house if you owe the casino money, usually two big bouncer looking people 3. Blue Laws – Not being allowed to do business on Sunday a. Cant buy liquor on Sundays, chick fil a is closed, etc 4. Licensing a. Regulatory – fee must be paid, must have a # of hours of continuing education
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Unformatted text preview: every year b. Revenue in order to utilize your professional job you must pay occupational tax even if you have a license b.i. If you dont pay the state, they suspend your license Public Policy Restraint of trade Covenant not to compete o Employment contracts o Sale of business Reasonable o Time o Activity restricted o Area Exculpatory clause an agreement that says that I wont be held liable for my own negligence...
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