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11/11/10 BLAW 3391 Money damages 1. Compensatory Damages (most common) 2. Consequential damages (special damages) a. Not directly related to contact a.i. Ex: Hadley vs. Backsendale 3. Liquidated damages (common in construction) a. Measure up front b. Incentive to complete project on time b.i. Ex: Certificate of occupancy from city of Lubbock 4. Nominal damages a. Based on principle b. Cant prove actual damages c. As long as you have $ up front to pay lawyer
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Punitive damages a. Actions of breaching party are willful, malicious b. 2 purposes b.i. Punish bad guy b.ii. Discourage others from doing Equitable Remedies 1. Specific Performance 2. Reformation 3. Injunction a. Temporary restraining order b. Temporary Ins hearing c. Trial permanent injunction Restitution Give me my money back and we will be squared away...
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