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11-11-10_notes - 5 Punitive damages a Actions of breaching...

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11/11/10 BLAW 3391 Money damages 1. Compensatory Damages (most common) 2. Consequential damages (special damages) a. Not directly related to contact a.i. Ex: Hadley vs. Backsendale 3. Liquidated damages (common in construction) a. Measure up front b. Incentive to complete project on time b.i. Ex: Certificate of occupancy from city of Lubbock 4. Nominal damages a. Based on principle b. Cant prove actual damages c. As long as you have $ up front to pay lawyer
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Punitive damages a. Actions of breaching party are willful, malicious b. 2 purposes b.i. Punish bad guy b.ii. Discourage others from doing Equitable Remedies 1. Specific Performance 2. Reformation 3. Injunction a. Temporary restraining order b. Temporary Ins – hearing c. Trial – permanent injunction Restitution – Give me my money back and we will be squared away...
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