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akins_v_school_district - c The School District’s...

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Akins v. Glens Falls City School District a. Akins needs to prove duty of due care, breach, factual cause, foreseeable harm and injury. b. Akins strongest arguments are that the school could have foreseen someone getting hit standing where she was and that the school failed to act in a reasonable way that a school should. Also that as a result of the fence being low it led to the ultimate injury and that this type of harm could be reasonably foreseen. It is also obvious that the plaintiff suffered from serious injuries.
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Unformatted text preview: c. The School District’s strongest claims would be that it was not their fault that Akin decided to stand where she did during the baseball game. Also that the harm done was not of a result from the way the baseball field was designed. d. Based on the law of negligence, I think the School Board is liable to Akins because they could have foreseen someone getting hit with a baseball at the place where Akin was standing. Also she was injured and this harm could have been foreseen by an reasonable person....
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