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Biosystems final - limit the budget to 20,000$ Another criteria for success was to reduce peak flow rate by 50 The group’s final task was to

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Problem Statement- Design a system that will prevent the transport of pollutants into the Red Cedar River based on a 25-yr 1-hour storm and comply to environmental standards. Design Criteria- For this project the group came up with design criteria based on low ecological impact. The first criteria was water quality, it was decided that the system must remove 90% of heavy metals, carcinogenic compounds, pesticides, nitrogen and phosphorus. The group also wanted to
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Unformatted text preview: limit the budget to 20,000$. Another criteria for success was to reduce peak flow rate by 50%. The group’s final task was to comply with the Clean Water Act. Decision Matrix- Criteria % Storm Water Wetland Peat-Moss Filter Bio-Filtration Cost 15 4 6 4 Environment 35 4 3 2 Pollutants 30 6 7 9 Flow 20 8 3 4 Storm Water Wetland – 540 Peat-Moss Filter – 465 Bio-Filtration - 480...
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