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1-Percent Impervious (% of area that is roofs, sidewalk, parking lots, pavement, ect. from arial map, estimated) 2-Curve # (based on the soil type, common Michigan grass) 3-Costs for soil types, plants, and pipe. (the pipe is based upon the plants we pick and how much the ponding time is, we will probably have to use the program to calculate this once we have all our data in.) 1-Total area is 60% impervious based on estimation of Arial map
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Unformatted text preview: 2-Common Michigan Grass has a Curve Number of 80. This number based on Grass Cover Type and Hydraulic Soil Group D. The riverside location of this grass type soil gives us a group of D because it is <50% sand type. ( 3-{I have a Mac so I can’t run the program that Prof Marks gave us in class.}...
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