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Background: In order to dehydrate the food it is crucial to have good air circulation within the dehydrator. The most efficient way to provide this is fans, in this case with the design being limited to 3ft^3 we chose to use computer fans requiring 65watts. ( thermaltake-cpu-fan-cl-p0503-amd-athlon-sempron-65-watt.html ) The fans allow even heating of the food throughout the dehydrators. (I wrote down that this was individual but I read yours and felt like you covered most topics in all of our designs. but let me know what you think) Alternate: Another design option that the group created was a food dehydrator that is supplied energy through solar power rechargeable batteries. These batteries will need to produce about 565watts between the heating element and fan. The heating element consists of a simple coil resistor in the circuit powered by the batteries that turns on once the internal temperature becomes to lower than 140
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