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Biosystems memo - Memo To Bradley P Marks From Christopher...

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Memo To: Bradley P. Marks From: Christopher Ross, Brody Lawrence, Nichole Erickson Subject: Campus Stormwater Runoff Solution Date: November 10, 2011 1. Design a system that will prevent the transport of pollutants into the Red Cedar River based on a 25-yr 1-hour storm. 2. Criteria for Success: -Remove 90% of heavy metals, carcinogenic compounds, pesticides, nitrogen and phosphorus. -Limit budget to 20,000$ -Reduce peak flow rate by 50% -Comply with the Clean Water Act 3. Research Information Items -Michigan’s 25-year, 1-hour storm rainfall in inches per hour. -Types of Natural Filtration such as peat moss/macro algae. -How much pollution is previously in the drainage system? -Total water volume expected in an hour. -Area of the watershed within the central part of campus. -Find the map of previous storm systems. -Polluted vs. clean water standard values. 4. Design Conceptual Ideas Design #1: River Wetland Runoff (Stormwater Wetlands) -Create an artificial wetland using an enclosed anaerobic environment.
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