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AB2 Rough - supports his claim with the research of Hans...

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Christopher Ross WRA 110 Sec 742 Abstract 2 Rough Word Count: 188 Marcus E. Raichle describes in his scientific article "The Brain's (Dark Energy)" (2010), that as the brain is at rest, not experiencing an external event, it is actually encountering a wide expanse of intricate activity responsible for preparing itself for conscious activity. Neuroscientists for many years have thought of the background noise as irrelevant but recent research has found that this background noise is the interactions between a collaborating group of brain regions known as the brain's default mode network(DMN). Raichle says "The DMN may play a critical role in synchronizing all parts of the brain". Raichle
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Unformatted text preview: supports his claim with the research of Hans Berger who used his electroencephalogram to prove that there are ceaseless electrical oscillations taking place. The downtime is often referred to as the brain's "Dark Energy" and is also displayed in the slow cortical potentials, "SCP's ensure that the right computations occur in a coordinated fashion at exactly the correct moment." Research of the DMN has shown that it is the master organizer of the brain and Brain-imaging studies have found connections among brain cells in the DMN regions of patients with Alzheimer's....
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