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Reflection Team Research Paper - paper To facilitate group...

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Christopher Ross WRA 110 Sec. 742 Word Count: 340 Reflective Essay I feel that I have learned a lot through the collaborative work done in the Team Research Project. My contribution to this paper was to research the general information on addictions and how people are introduced to drugs. I also completed the intro paragraphs and the body paragraphs on the origins, and types of drugs (depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens). The workload was divided equally between Mario and myself however I feel that Mario’s work often needed revision and more information. The sentence structuring of Mario’s needed a lot of work for style and transitions between ideas. We only experienced a few difficulties with confusion of who was to upload the assignments. We solved them in class and at the meetings when we were together in person. If I were to do something differently in another collaborative assignment it would be to set deadlines sooner for individual work so we could have time to review each other’s work before we met in person to work on the
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Unformatted text preview: paper. To facilitate group cooperation we could have had more group meetings with you to go over who needs to elaborate more on their topics. This way we wouldn’t have to work on other group member’s sections for them. The most valuable lesson I learned is that if your not the leader in a group then you can’t assure the best grade possible on the paper. I found that the prospectus is helpful when analyzing articles to quote and include in the paper. I also felt that the note taking made writing the paper smoother and faster because I didn’t have to stop writing to search the Internet for related articles on the topic I was writing about at the time. Finding credible sources and quoting/summarizing their main points in the notes before writing the paper overall was most helpful because it allowed for my ideas to flow and build on each other better. Overall this collaborative Team Research Project was beneficial in teaching the best ways to go about writing a group paper....
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Reflection Team Research Paper - paper To facilitate group...

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