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Christopher Ross WRA 110 Sec. 742 Reflective Essay I feel that I have learned a lot through the collaborative work done in the Team Research Project. Discuss what you learned about collaborative work. Evaluate your own contribution to the Team Research Project. Was the workload equally shared? If not, who did the most? Least? Did your group experience difficulties? What were they? Meeting attendance, timely submission of work, cooperative spirit, etc. If your group had difficulties, what did you do to try to resolve them? What might you do differently in another collaborative assignment as a result of your experiences? What do you think I could have done differently to facilitate group cooperation? Other General Questions You MIGHT Address in a Reflective Essay 1. What do you think is the most valuable lesson you learned about doing research? Why? 2. What do you think is the most valuable lesson you learned about writing
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Unformatted text preview: research papers? Why? 3. What did you learn about the topic you researched? Did you learn what you set out to learn? How might this information be useful to you in the future? 4. What steps in the writing process helped you the most in writing/revising this paper? How did they help you? What might you do to replicate this type of help in your writing assignments in future classes? 5. Which assignments in preparation for the final paper did you find most helpful? (Prospectuses, Note taking, Evaluating sources, Annotated Bib, Abstracts, Rough draft, Revised draft, peer group work). Why? How did the assignment(s) help? 6. What do you think are the strong/weak points of your paper? Why? If you had more time to revise your paper, what would you change, how would you change it, and why would it make the paper better? Rev. SS11...
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