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Research Paper PP - Intro-1/2 people arrested US illegal...

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Intro -1/2 people arrested US illegal system -This is a serious correlation between drugs/crime -Drugs affect the biological processes in almost every part of the body -In the brain drugs change the way nerve cells send, receive, and process info -3 types, depressant slow CNS, stimulant speed CNS, hallucinogen alter perceptual functions -The brain is programed to reward itself for any positive experience including drug highs -Dopamine is a NT that regulates movement, emotion, and cognition -Overstimulation of the dopamine system produces euphoria leading to addiction -Treatment such as therapy and counseling are available to fight addiction Origins -Addiction often starts with casual or social use -Where do the drugs come from? Its no surprise that 8/14 abused are prescription -The age group that is at risk the most are teenagers because the planning (prefrontal) -The factors involved are environment and genetics Depressants -Slow down the central nervous system
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