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Blake Yocom Part I World Organizations 1. How does it transcend national boundaries, legalities, reciprocity (explanation of world markets and what globalization is)? The world is experiencing a fast-wave of globalization and has been since the 1980s. In its most traditional since, globalization refers to mainly economic factors. Trade barriers are being erased, outsourcing is prevalent, and global corporate giants have emerged. The economic implications are far reaching. What effect do these economic practices have on the political and government aspect of the world? Will we see a dramatic shift in societal structure like we did when families joined to form chiefdoms and so on? In the present time, the world has already experienced this “sacrifice of political autonomy.” In 1994, we saw the North American nations of the United States, Canada, and Mexico collaborate to form the North American Free Trade Agreement (read: NAFTA). From this collaboration, trade barriers were erased at both borders of the
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