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American Art Final Study Guide Amy Liebster Pigeon’s Egg Head, Going and Returning to WA Arrives in ceremonial dress then corrupted by white civ Americanized Flask in pocket, smoking Shows lack of understanding of NA ways Kaplan wanted to capture a vanishing race project his own belief that NA’s will go extinct Merritt Barber Negotiating with Pa-Bo for the Sale of a Ledger Book On actual ledger paper Pabo and captain of US Army Exchanged clothing – no longer authentic Pabo depicted both of his wives Shows three views of captain’s wife Uses flat plains traditional profile view, but there is more of a setting The Fog Warning American images Storm coming – trying to get to schooner b4 fog comes – looks like he won’t make it Fatalism, often shows people in peril Right and Left Often makes images that appeal to businessmen from NY who spend vaca’s doing these activities Just been shot at One on R hit by shell Fatalism The Gross Clinic Shows Eakins’ scientific/ anatomical enthusiasm – Jefferson med college surgery amphitheater Light on Dr. Gross’ forehead = where intellect resides This was a demo of a new technique that made amputation unnecessary William Rush Carving His Allegorical Figure of Schuylkill Eakins’ manifesto on how crucial the study of the human body is Teaching at PA academy of fine arts Exposing art students to rigorous study of the Exole Carving made to commemorate a Philadelphia artist – working from live nude Most imp figure is the female nude Scandalous On L shows modern clothing on a chair – disrobed to pose Eakins aware of Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass (also clothed male nude female – same still life where models shed clothing) Promoting academic study, yet unfavorably viewed Swimming Hole Made for a Phila businessman on board of the Academy of Fine Arts Rejected by patron
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Photographs found influenced rejection – nude photos interested in diff poses of the human body Created nude images as study aids for pntgs Arcadian image The Strike Reproduced in centerfold of Harper’s weekly Strike for 8 hour day – shows reasonableness of demands Romanticizes conflict Crowd of workers coming from factory to front yard of mill owner’s house – makes it more personal than it actually was Gender politics (woman pleading with husband not to go on strike) – men should think of their families Haymarket Square – The Police Monument Life-size bronze Chicago – nationwide strike of 8 hour day – workers had been locked out of McCormick Reaper Plant Peaceful Rally for both 8-hour day and locking out Police move in and order them to disperse, someone threw a bomb, police fine into crowd, police and civilians died Followed by a police sweep of labor organizers in Chicago Supposed to be Capt. William Ward (chief), but was inspired by a traffic cop who served as the model
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AmArtFinalOutline - American Art Final Study Guide Amy...

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