Public Art and its Audience

Public Art and its Audience - Zachary Bergman American Art...

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Zachary Bergman American Art 230 6/1/08 TITLE Public works of art, such as sculptures and murals, display a large amount of meaning strictly at face value, but true comprehension of the work of art is achieved by understanding the background and surroundings of the piece. This is true for both Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate and Jeff Zimmerman's Paid Programming . Although at first appearance these works of art are almost polar opposites, with Kapoor's piece utilizing very abstract forms and Zimmerman's piece realistically portraying local citizens, they both serve to understand and give deeper meaning to their surroundings. Located in distinctly different parts of Chicago, the pieces are able to properly achieve the mood and attitude of their respective area. Located in Millennium Park, Cloud Gate sits right in the middle of Chicago's trendiest tract of land and is surrounded by the towering buildings of Michigan Avenue and a large, new amphitheater. Made entirely from polished stainless steel plates, the massive, bean-shaped sculpture does nothing but reflect and distort the beautiful Chicago surroundings, giving them new life. Whether viewing from one side where the viewer's image is reflected amongst the famous skyscrapers or walking under the sculpture's arch in a seemingly New Age House of Mirrors, the abstract feeling of the piece is more than evident. Alone, the work seems to have little meaning outside of a large metal orb, but given the
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Public Art and its Audience - Zachary Bergman American Art...

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