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Notes for Exam 2 -T does not depend on quantity of a substance. A cup and a thimble of boiling water both have same T. -When two objects have the same temperature, they are in thermal equilibrium. Specific Heat: Energy required to change temperature of object with mass M and specific heat C -Q= Mc∆T -1 cal = 4.2 kJ -T F = (1.8˚F/˚C)T C + 32˚F -T = T C + 273 N = M/m = number of molecules in a sample -M equals mass of sample -m equals mass of molecule pascal (pressure) = N (force) / m 2 (meter) -PV=nRT -R=8.3 -n=Moles -T=Temperature (K) -Isothermal: Temp. remains constant
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Unformatted text preview: -Isobaric: Pressure remains constant-Isochoric: Volume remains constant Thermal Energy is the total kinetic energy of the moving molecules in a gas-Objects length after temperature change: L= (1+aT)L-a= coefficient of linear expansion-The first law of thermodynamics says the change in thermal energy of a system is equal to the heat flow into the system plus the work done on the system (conservation of energy).-E th =Q+W-W= WORK-Q=Heat flow Adiabatic processes: Q= O...
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