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Exam 1 study guide Bio

Exam 1 study guide Bio - Bio Exam 1 Objective 1 o...

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Bio Exam 1 Objective 1 o Characteristics of a green plant? Mode of Nutrition they make their own food and photosynthesis o The Binomial system- Classification of plants based on reproductive structure (Genus, species) Carl Linnaeus o Organisms are classified based on their evolutionary/ genetic relatedness o Kingdom is the highest and most all inclusive grouping of life 5 Kingdoms o BACTERIA WERE THE FIRST ORGANISMS TO EVOLVE Life appeared- 3.5 bya Photosynthesis- 3 bya When more complex groups evolved from bacteria- 2 bya Green land plants separate from others- 1 bya Animals and fungi are separate but they other more closely related to each other than plants- 1 bya Objective 2 o All living things are composed of cells…The cell is the basic unit of life…Each cell is surrounded by a cell membrane and contains a nucleus and cytoplasm o Plant cells have all components found in animal cells but in addition they have a cell wall on the outside of cell membrane and in the cytoplasm they have chloroplast(which are where photosynthesis takes place) o The cell wall provides support and holds neighboring cells together o During photosynthesis CO2 and water are converted into sugar plus oxygen using light energy. This reaction that makes life possible Bringing carbon into a form where it can be used to make the molecules of our bodies and converting sunlight into an energy form that organisms can use o Xylem- moves water from roots to leaves o Phloem- moves sugars from leaves to roots l o Transpiration- Lose large amounts of water
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Bio Exam 1 o Guard cells in the leaf surface pores create pores (stomates) that allow CO2 uptake but also water loss when water is limited the guard cells close the stomates. o Plant cell walls are composed of long chains of sugars particularly cellulose o Animals ----respirate Objective 3 o Basic parts of plants 1. Shoot 2. Steam 3. Leaf petiole 4. Shoot tip 5. Lateral bud root 6. Root tips o Growth in length is due to cell division (production of new cells), in the shoot and root tips o Perennials plants are those that live more than one year o Basic parts of flower and functions o Female reproductive part (egg) is produced in the ovule & the male reproductive parts (sperm) are produced in the pollen o
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