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ENG 108 Meng Chen ENG 108 Name: Meng Chen ID:1203443977 Data: 2/2/2010 College Tuition Rise College tuition is a hot ' key word ' in recent months since there are more and more college students claiming that they are unable to afford school any more due to the tuition hikes across the nation. In 2011, College Board once said that the tuition at private, four year schools increased well above inflation-- 4.5% this year. Parents might considered that their kids can just choose public schools because of high tuition. However, the situation is in any way volatile. According to College Board, tuition at public colleges and universities, which are still much lower than private schools, also rose for 8.3% for local students and 5.7% for foreign students. In fact, increases in college tuitions show the remaining impact of a economical depression as well as state investment that has not synchronize with the college price growth. Generally, it seems that college experience is bringing forth more and more pressure on students, especially those from low -income families, and causing some neglect things. 1
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ENG 108 Meng Chen First of all, the rising cost of college study is not equal to a higher educational level.It is obvious that students are paying much more than before to enter a college, regardless private or public school, but the spending on improving education-related aspects has slowed since 1998, while national tuition continues to hike at almost twice the rate of inflation. By contrary, colleges are investing even more money into research, public service, and student aid.The following conclusion was drew based on a report released by the Delta Project on Postsecondary Education Costs, Productivity, and Accountability, which compiled federal data on revenue, spending, and enrollment at nearly 2,000 public and private institutions from 1987 to 2005. " What we see across a broad range of indicators is that states and institutions are spending money in areas that may not be in line with the public priority of preparing more
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College tuition is a hot (1) - ENG 108 Meng Chen ENG 108...

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