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Critical Thinking Exercise: Applying Critical Thinking Guidelines The following are some guidelines for critical thinking. 1. Ask questions; be willing to wonder 2. Define the problem. 3. Examine the evidence 4. Analyze assumptions and biases 5. Avoid emotional reasoning 6. Don’t use either/or thinking or over generalize 7. Consider other interpretations 8. Tolerate uncertainty. Each of the statements below violates at least one of the guidelines for critical thinking On a separate sheet of paper identify the guideline that was violated and give a brief explanation for your choice. 1. A political editorial supporting severe penalties for the production and sale of pornography pointed out that all societies are repressive to some extent, and that it was Freud who pointed out that repression is the price we pay for civilization. 2. Since we have never been visited by extraterrestrials, and have had no communication from outer space, we can safely assume that intelligent life exists only on our own planet. 3. It is pretty obvious that smoking marijuana causes people to crave more potent drugs, like cocaine and heroin. Statistics show that almost all the people who become addicted to drugs smoked marijuana before they began using more potent drugs. 4.
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Critical_Thinking_Exercise - Critical Thinking Exercise...

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