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E3-3 & E3-10 - 9 b Bond sinking fund will be used...

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Accounting 340 Homework Solutions – Spiceland 6 th Edition Exercise 3-3 1. f Accrued interest payable 10. a Supplies 2. d Franchise 11. c Machinery 3. -c Accumulated depreciation 12. c Land, in use 4. e _ Prepaid insurance, for 2011 13. f _ Unearned revenue 5. g Bonds payable, due in 10 years 14. d _ Copyrights 6. f Current maturities of long-term debt 15. h _ Preferred stock 7. f Note payable, due in 3 months 16. b _ Land, held for speculation 8. b Long-term receivables 17. a Cash equivalents
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Unformatted text preview: 9. b Bond sinking fund, will be used to 18. f _ Wages payable retire bonds in 10 years Exercise 3-10 1. Inventory costing method A 2. Information on related party transactions B 3. Composition of property, plant, and equipment B 4. Depreciation method A 5. Subsequent event information B 6. Basis of revenue recognition on long-term contracts A 7. Important merger occurring after year-end B 8. Composition of receivables B...
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