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Edit 5 Assignmentwith_sp12f2f (1)

Edit 5 Assignmentwith_sp12f2f (1) - ENG302/spring2012/i...

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ENG302/spring2012/i Edit 5 Due: 2/14 Points: 6 late  2/14 -2     after 2/21 zero     No revision This assignment fulfills this goal and objective. Goal Significantly improve  their ability to write  effective/business/  professional  communication Objective Produce clear,  concise, effective  audience and purpose  specific  Activity Edit 6 Assessment Rubric Directions: Complete 6.7, 6.8, 6.11, and 6.12 p. 171 and p. 172  Answers will vary. You only need to write  the revision. 6.7 Conciseness 171 Directions: Rephrase the following in fewer words      In the near future soon In the event that in order that for the purpose of with regard to It may be that in very few cases with reference to
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ENG302/spring2012/i at the present time There is no doubt 6.8 Revising Messages: Conciseness p. 171 Directions: Condense the sentences. a.
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Edit 5 Assignmentwith_sp12f2f (1) - ENG302/spring2012/i...

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