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ENG 302/sp12 Ice Breaker Part 2 Due: Tuesday, 1/24  6 Points (no revision) You will not receive a late point penalty because your pad pal may not respond quickly. Introduction Now that you have introduced yourself, it’s time to email your pad pal and introduce your pad  pal to the group.    Directions: 1. Email the pad pal I assigned to you.       If that person does not respond, email me.       2. Find out another unusual fact about that person. In 25 words or more, tell us      something about that person that we would not know in an online discussion. 3. Use the Discussion Tool and find Ice Breaker 2.  
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Unformatted text preview: Rubric for Ice Breaker Part 2 Exceeds 2 Points Meets 1 Point Doesnt meet 0 Points Contributes to the Discussion Emails the person Emails a person but doesnt post a discussion Fails to participate Content Writes 25 words or more Writes only a few words Doesnt write Quality Follows directions and tells something unusual about another classmate Somewhat follows the directions, but gives vague information. Doesnt follow the directions. Read my Ice Breaker 2 as a student model. This Discussion earns 6 points....
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