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Job Search Module_sp12online (1) - Exceeds 3 Points Meets 2...

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ENG 302/sp12online Job Search Module: Finding Information about a Job Due   2/14   Points 6 After 2/14   -2 points After 2/21 zero points           Directions: Now you will use your research skills to help you find information about a job you may want.   Log on to   You may use this information in your WP#2 Business email assignment. Answer these questions. 1. What job do you want? 2. Is your job listed in the Occupational Outlook Handbook? If your job is not listed, find a similar one that is listed. 3.   What are the training and education needed? 4. What are the job prospects? 5. What do workers do on the job?        Rubric for Job Search Module
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Unformatted text preview: Exceeds 3 Points Meets 2 Points Falls Below 1-0 Points Purpose Uses website listed. Uses another web site Doesn’t use a web site Content Answers 5 questions Answers 4-3 questions Answers 2-0 questions Quality Writes suitable answers Writes mostly suitable answers Doesn’t write suitable answers This assignment fulfills this goal and objective. Goal Critically investigate and incorporate a Objective Incorporate process (research , invention, writing, revision, and Activity Job Search Module Assessment Rubric ENG 302/sp12online variety of research sources editing) into all writing tasks: through multiple drafts create document fluency...
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Job Search Module_sp12online (1) - Exceeds 3 Points Meets 2...

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