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example group outline - th(Rudy o How it changed the nation...

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The Run for the Presidency Group 1 Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Mitt Romney Rudy Giuliani COMST 102
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Introduction: - Attention catcher o Running for the presidency of the United States is a singular honor - Thesis o It is our pleasure to talk to you today about what it takes to run for the office of the President - Preview o Barrack is going to kick it off with fund raising o Rudy is going to talk about September 11 th o Mitt will follow with his family values o Hillary will conclude with how to escape scandal Body - Fund Raising (Barrack) o How much money you actually need o How to make rich people like you o What to spend your money on
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Unformatted text preview: th (Rudy) o How it changed the nation o My role in the crisis o Why I would now be a good president -Family Values (Mitt) o The importance of family values o How to raise x number of kids to be perfect, robotic examples of all American goodness o How this applies to me wanting to run for president -Scandal (Hillary) o The dangers of scandal o How to keep your husband, er, campaign in line o Media/Damage control Conclusion -Thesis restate o Today we have discusses several factors of running for president-Conclusion o Thank you for your attention, we look forward to your vote in November...
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