Illegal Immigration Speech - Spencer Lane Final Speech...

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Spencer Lane Final Speech Outline 28 November 2007 Introduction Attention Catcher: There is estimated to be between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants residing inside the American borders today the majority being those who have crossed the border from Mexico, according to US census bureau this accounts to nearly 6 percent of America’s population. Listener Relevance: I’m sure most of you have heard the long going to debate of illegal immigration in our country in the recent past years. Speaker Credibility: My interest in this topic spurred from all the recent news surrounding the topic and research that I have to gain knowledge on the subject. Thesis: Illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico is a huge problem that needs to be put to a stop by way of different policies and other preventive methods. Preview: Today I’ll be talking about how this illegal immigration is affecting the United States, what could happen if it continues, what has to been to help prevent illegal immigration from happening, and what need else needs to happen to prevent it. Transition: Illegal Immigration over the U.S. Mexican border has been happening for many years and it has finally caught up with the United States and is greatly affecting our country. Body
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Illegal Immigration Speech - Spencer Lane Final Speech...

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