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Kristin Fleischer 10000007 Section # 10 Introductory speech outline My Time in South Carolina I. Introduction a. Attention getter i. IF you had a chance to live out a childhood dream, would you take it? b. Listener relevance i. I hope you can learn not ever to let pass an opportunity to follow your dreams. c. Thesis statement i. Today I am going to tell you about how I was able to live out my dream of working professionally with horses. (NOTE: this is ONE sentence!!) d. Preview i. In order to tell you about this experience I need to explain to you all what my job entailed, what I learned from it, and how it helped me grow up… a lot. Transition: In order for you to understand how I got to live the experience of a lifetime, I need to start by telling you about what my job entailed for the last two years. II. Body a. What my job entailed ( This is your first main point, Note: You do not need to label main points as Main Point # 1, 2,3 etc. unless this helps you keep track of things) i. My job was not easy. ii. Imagine having a job that is a weird combination of caddy, personal servant, babysitter, and NACAR pit crew – all by yourself, with a 1400lb animal thrown in the mix. That is called being a “working student” and it is what I did, 12 hours a day, six days a week, for two years. iii. Every day I fed, watered, mucked and turned out seven horses. 1. I was responsible for all of their care, including looking after them if they were injured. 2.
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Intro sample outline - Kristin Fleischer 10000007 Section #...

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