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Kallie Ryan Spencer Lane Carly Hanlon Bridget Koenigs Mgtop 301 Paper 2 Who Moved my Cheese? John F. Kennedy once said, “The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.” This quote expresses how change in jobs, relationships and every part of life is inevitable. It is not natural or normal for things to remain unchanged for an extended period of time. If a person is unwilling or unable to adapt to changes they will fall behind and get lost. We spoke to a manager about changes he has encountered in his business and how he and his employees dealt with those changes. The manager and his employees are adapting to the change of moving a major manufacturing line from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to Brno, in the Czech Republic. The manager identified the main reason for the change, that being to decrease the manufacturing expenses. According to the manager by moving the operation to the Czech Republic the company saved about 40% of manufacturing labor costs. As soon as this move was announced the amount of orders greatly increased from the customers, this is what the company was hoping to happen because in order to operate and stay competitive they need to be able to compete with low pricing. He explained that many of the employees found this change to be unexpected because the previous location of the plant in Eindhoven had been the primary plant for many
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Who Moved My Cheese Paper - Kallie Ryan Spencer Lane Carly...

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