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Spencer Lane Professor Alldredge Stats 212 8 December 2008 Project 2 College is proven to be one of the most stressful and hard times in a person’s life. It is a big shock when a person goes from high school to college. This change can affect can cause many changes in a person’s study habits and will ultimately affect their Grade Point Average. There are many causes this including large workloads, tough classes, the stress of being away from home and the freedom of being on your own. Our group wanted to test this theory and used stastical methods, thinking, and analysis to do so. The hypothesis that we set to test was to see if the GPA of a student from their first semester in college is lower than the GPA from their second semester. But we only tested this on the grounds if the person had attended 2 consecutive semester’s of school. For this project, I worked with members of Lab Section 2 and my partners were Patrick Harrison, Amanda Owen, and Steve Yelenich. In order to test our hypothesis, we decided to collect our data directly from the students at Washington State University. We chose our site of data collection as the CUB as it is one of the most popular spots on campus. We set to test only those students that had completed a full year or two consecutive semesters of school here at WSU. Each person in our group was responsible for asking ten people that were leaving and arriving at the cub. Before we administered any questions, we informed them of the purpose of our study and asked them if they would agree to answer our questions. The questions that we asked were what were their first semester’s GPA and there second semester’s GPA of their first year of school here at WSU. In total we had
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project 2 write up - Spencer Lane Professor Alldredge Stats...

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