Dustin-Final Play Blocking Notation XP

Dustin-Final Play Blocking Notation XP - 2Dustin Shelton ID...

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2Dustin Shelton ID# 10889337 Director – Theater 160 Script with Blocking Notation Play: Crossing the Border Joe and Mike are about to drive home from a fun weekend at the bars in Canada. Joe, the driver, has purchased marijuana from a store in Canada. In the center of the stage, about two thirds of the way downstage, four chairs sit in a square formation with a bench in front of them that simulate a car. Joe and Mike enter upstage right. Joe: (looks at Mike) haha wow, now that was an awesome weekend! Mike: (looks at Joe) yea dawgy, I love trips to Canada. Everyone is so chill! I’m defiantly hung over through right now. (runs both hands down his face showing his misery) Mike and Joe approach the car and pretend to open a car door and sit down in the driver and shotgun seats of the simulated car. Mike is shotgun, Joe is driver. Joe: Ya, thank god we went to the bars this morning! Those shots of Absinth really made me feel alright! (smiles, looks at mike then turns to look out the window of the car) Mike: Ya man, nothing like a drink to get you going in the morning! And it makes driving so much better! (Mike turns to Joe then looks out the driver window) Joe: Ha ya! (Joe starts the car by turning the fake ignition.) Mike: Bro, did you get on that haggard blonde chick last night? Joe: (After a silent pause) yea… Once in the hotel and once in the bathroom at the bar. She like stalked me all weekend! What a creep! Mike: haha Canadian skanks! Better get your shit checked! I guarantee she gave you herpes or something gross. Joe: Shut up man your scaring me! Take the wheel for a second will ya? Joe pulls out small bag of weed from his front right pocket and starts loading a pipe. Mike: Whered you get that! Is that weed? (Mike gestures at the weed in Joes hand). Joe: Hell ya! This right here my friend is the cure to all hangovers, its perfect after a long night of partyin tough! We need to finish it off before we hit the American border though, I hear people get in a lot of trouble if they get caught with it.
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Mike: Dude, I hear you go to jail like for life if you get caught with that! Shits too risky for me, and besides, you know I don’t smoke weed man. Joe: O common pussy, you should smoke on road trips, makes them about 1000 times better. Mike: No man, that shits bad for you. It kills brain cells. Joe: dude, I smoke all the time and I’m smarter as fuck! Mike:
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Dustin-Final Play Blocking Notation XP - 2Dustin Shelton ID...

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