Final Blocking - Motorboatn Son of a Gun Theater 160 Final...

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Motorboat’n Son of a Gun Theater 160 Final Project Keene Final Blocking (Jake is sitting center stage left at a desk with talking on his cell phone) Jake – Hello this is Jake. Yeah, Miles is late again. I will send that little asshole outside when he gets here. (Miles runs in from DSL looking haggard and walks to his bosses door USR) Jake – Where in the hell have you been? I’ve been sitting here waiting for you when I could have been at home gettin’ some from my wife. But you obviously don’t know anything about that. Do you miles? ( Jake is standing over miles who is in a chair both USR) Miles – No sir but my alarm didn’t…. Jake – I’m so tired of your bullshit! I have got enough on plate already. I mean my wife is a hoe and is probably at home sleeping with all of the neighbors, my fifteen year old daughter is probably skipping school and smoking pot, and my mom just had a stroke and thinks I’m a homo. Miles – I know but I missed the bus and i…. Jake – Do I look like I care? Go outside and hold the company sign next to the street so I don’t have to smell you anymore. Miles – Will do sir! (Miles exits the office USR and walks off stage DSR) (Miles re-enters from DSR and walks across the front of the stage holding a sign) Car People – You should have gone to college! What was rehab like? How much is minimum wage? Miles – Well, this really blows (John the bum enters slowly from DSL with a sign in his hand and comes up to miles at DSC) John – Hey bro Do you got any spare change that I can get? Miles
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Final Blocking - Motorboatn Son of a Gun Theater 160 Final...

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