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Spencer Lane Theater 160 Prof. Gonzalez 16 April 2009 Analysis of The Heidi Chronicles I went to see the Heidi Chronicles and I saw a show that was very visually stimulating as well as very entertaining and funny. It was only my second professional theater show that I have ever seen and I greatly enjoyed myself. Going into the play I was completely unaware of what it was about and in the end I had a great time. In this paper I will analyze the performance based on Aristotle’s principles of Character, Plot, Language, Music, and Spectacle. The beginning of the play did a very good job of presenting the main character of Heidi and who she really was. It was very effective to start with her later in her life because you were able to sense that Heidi was very intelligent, had strong feminist views, and that she was very unhappy. This was effective because even though it was later in her life because you could tell that these were characteristics that she has had for her entire life. From here I liked how it went back to show Heidi’s life from earlier in time and made it apparent that these characteristics had always been a part of Heidi’s life. Heidi did a great job of portraying her emotions, especially sadness. I was able to feel for her and she was able to make me sad. My favorite scene with Heidi was at the dance. I was able to see her shyness and I thought it was extremely funny when she began to read while the others were dancing. This helped to show how Heidi was always removed from everyone and that she was almost in her own little world. Heidi was my favorite character because she was able to make me feel for her. I was able to fee the emotions se was feeling and sympathize for her. I liked how the characters of Susan and Peter were brought into the play in the first scene as they would be lifelong friends to Heidi. Susan was always there for Heidi in the beginning of
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her life and was a great friend. As the play went on you could see they were growing distant and in the end it was apparent that Susan only wanted business from Heidi and was more worried about herself than anything. This just furthered the idea that Heidi was almost alone in her life. Peter turned out to be a great friend to Heidi. Even though they had a very spotty relationship
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Heidi Chronicles review - Spencer Lane Theater 160 Prof...

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