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Ideal Sound and Music - conversations in the background and...

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Motor boat’n sons of guns Ideal sound and light Theater 160 The ideal sound and music for this play would be very simple. There would not be much music in this play because most of the time there is dialog and music would just make the dialog confusing. However there would be lots of sound involved, most of this play takes place on a street and in a jail cell where there would be other things going on. When the play is taking place on the street the ideal sound would be cars and traffic passing by to make it more obvious to the audience that the scene is taking place on the street at that time. Likewise while in the jail the ideal sound would consist of
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Unformatted text preview: conversations in the background and echoing cell doors slamming shut and opening in the background. The only time that I would have music playing would be at the very beginning and end of the play. When miles is late for work at the beginning of the play and rushing to work I would have something up beat playing to give the sense that he is in a hurry. At the end of the play where miles’ day is coming to an end and he thinks the day might turn out all right I would have something joyful and happy play as he walks off stage....
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