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john character deveolpoment - At first when trying to do a...

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Development for the Character John My character was a drunken and stoned bum in the play “Karma”. In order to portray this I had to be able to act in a drunken and stoned state while being sober. I think before I started the play I wasn’t very good at acting in such a way but through rehearsals I became much better. I learned that if I walked with a stumble and out of pattern I would look drunk. During the play I walked kind of sideways to show that something was just not right with me, and of course the bottle in a bag showed that I was drinking which aided in my portrayal of drunkenness. In order to show that I was stoned all I really had to do was droop my eyes and talk extremely slow, which I did during the play. Also when saying words like “bro” and “man” I was able to show how high I was. A major problem I had at first with my character was with the fight scenes. I had two fight scenes in the play and they were vital to the outcome of the play.
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Unformatted text preview: At first when trying to do a fake fight in rehearsals they were awkward and not convincing at all. But after several times practicing I was able to fake a fight that actually looked real. I did this by really committing when getting hit, and falling really hard to the ground. I also slapped my leg when the fake punch was thrown at me to make it sound like I was actually hit. Having a good fight scene in the play really kept the audience alert and into what was going on, which is why I had to make the fights look realistic. When practicing lines over and over again I was able to really get into the play. I could anticipate what line I had to say next and really make the play seem realistic. Not only did I have my lines memorized but I was able to emotionally get into them and make my character, the bum, seem like a real drunk asshole. All in all I think I developed my character well....
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