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Psychoanalysis and Freud 14:59 PERSONALITY : relatively stable predispositions that affect our behavior across many situations What causes personality? What is the structure of personality? Psychoanalysis Freud (1856-1939): first person to try to create a comprehensive model for personality Opened the doors to the unconscious Began treating patients by listening and not with harsh treatments Unconscious is a place where we bury thoughts that we don’t want to deal with – can hinder our conscious living Fundamental Presupposition: Psychic Determinism: all behaviors, thoughts and emotions have a cause & are all caused by some prior event(s) We are not “free;” we don’t have free will Unconscious Motivation: most behaviors, thoughts and emotions stem from our unconscious; places we aren’t aware of Most mental activity happens from outside our awareness We think we know why we are doing things, but we really don’t Virtually all symptoms and mental errors are meaningful (“Freudian Slips”) A Brief History 1886-1887: Freud travels to France to study with neurologist, Jean Charcot CONVERSION HYSTERIA: presence of supposedly neurological symptoms that lack a demonstrated organic basis Glove anesthesia: just the hand is completely numb (doesn’t make neurological sense) Triggered a shift from a somatogenic (physiological causes for disorders) to psychogenic model of personality and psychopathology; many mental disorders now viewed as psychological in etiology The MEANING of mental disorders/symptoms can only be found through means other than by looking at the brain – looking into their psychological past Once one found the underlying cause of these symptoms, they would tend to go away or diminish When we are asleep, we see our unconscious mind processes 1900: Freud writes The Interpretation of Dreams distinguished latent from manifest content of dreams
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latent: underlying meaning of dream manifest: actual surface content of the dream regarded all dreams as disguised wish fulfillments (usually sexual in nature) dreams are a metaphor for parts of life
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Psychoanalysis - PsychoanalysisandFreud 14:59 PERSONALITY:...

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