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Jaclyn Gaylis ID: 1679998 Assignment #1: After reading Dr. Keyes study and listening to his lecture, he completely opened my eyes as to what “well-being” of health is and now I understand that in order to flourish in life, we need to find happiness by feeling good and functioning well. I used to automatically assume that illness only correlated to a physical disability and completely disregarded the factor of mental health. Now I understand that “good mental health” requires more than just the absence of a mental illness. In order to flourish, we need to have positive feelings towards our life and social and emotional functioning. Keyes made an important point that our health care system is entirely reactive. We focus on treating the illness when it appears and then when the symptoms are gone, we assume that the patient is cured. I think that it is possible to incorporate a “positive- focus” into our health care system where we focus on creating health rather than solely treating illness. I personally don’t think promoting flourishing will remain as an
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