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Assignment 3 - experience I have learned that my body...

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Jackie Gaylis ID: 1679998 Assignment #3 I really liked the USDA tracker because it has given me new ideas and tips to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. I personally keep a food journal for myself because I work with a nutritionist so a lot of the tips provided on the website I already knew, but there were definitely new things I came across that I found interesting. For example, I didn’t realize that while I am reading or even eating a meal, I am burning calories! Also after calculating my calorie intake, I realized that there are certain things I need to cut down through portion size. Instead of having two pieces or bread, I should have one. I found the tracker to be quite simple and easy, but it’s not 100% accurate because I hadn’t eaten all of my meals or snacks when I completed it. But I do like how it told me my intake of protein, fat, calories, etc. I was a little shocked to see that it said I eat to much fat and not enough carbohydrates, but from
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Unformatted text preview: experience I have learned that my body digests and processes fat and protein more efficiently than carbohydrates. Each person’s body reacts differently to different foods, so for me, it’s a healthier choice to have almonds or other nuts rather than whole grains. Also, after recording all of my physical activities and meals, I read through other ways that I can burn calories and I have new ideas for snacks. I also liked that I could calculate my BMI, learn about new menu items, and see how healthy I am compared to the rest of America. For me, I have to take into account that I am short and have a lot of muscle, so even though it says I am a few pounds overweight, I know that muscle weighs more than fat. In conclusion, this website it definitely something I will use in the future to help keep me on track and learn about all of the different ways to stay healthy and active....
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