Assignment 6

Assignment 6 - I propose we fix this problem with an...

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Jackie Gaylis ID: 1679998 Assignment #6 I completely agree that electronic technology has both pros and cons when it comes down to its effect on our society. But I think that implementing programs through electronic technology can benefit health education within adolescents since we are so tech-savvy. The average American spends an estimated 50 minutes a day staring at his/her cell phone, and the time spent on mobile devices shot up 28 percent in 2010. Since people are constantly on their phones, reading emails, or text messaging, we can reach out to the public about health education more effectively and efficiently. Personally, when I am at the gym I easily become bored of my normal routine of cardio then a few minutes of abs and weights. Most people can’t afford a personal trainer to spice up their workout and others like me just don’t have the time go to workout classes to learn new exercises.
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Unformatted text preview: I propose we fix this problem with an automatic text messaging system that mass text messages people, who of course sign up, and provide a new exercise daily. The message will explain exactly how to complete the move and what muscle(s) you are working. By adding a new exercise everyday to your daily routine, you are able to recreate your standard workout and introduce new ways to work your muscles, especially the ones we dont work daily. I think that this system can be very educational and benefit everyone by providing new and exciting ways to burn calories. This system can also provide nutritional facts of the day where a text message can share either a new healthy snack for the day or nutritional values. If this system Jackie Gaylis ID: 1679998 Assignment #6 were provided, without hesitating, I would sign up and use it for my own health benefit....
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Assignment 6 - I propose we fix this problem with an...

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