Lunch Walk Assignment

Lunch Walk Assignment - 1. Begin at the Woodruff Library 2....

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Jackie Gaylis Lunch Walk People tend to complain that they have no time to work out because they are always on the go and that going to the gym takes too much of their precious time. Yet we have forgotten about how much free time we actually DO have without even noticing it. How about the few minutes you waste while you are standing waiting for your coffee to brew? What about when you get to class early and just sit there waiting for others to show up? Or especially when we spend more time socializing rather than eating during our lunch break! We may be busy people, but we have so many opportunities to “Just Move” and fit in some exercise into our daily routine. By taking a lunch walk instead of spending our break just sitting and eating, we are able to participate in a quick and easy way of exercising. 1. Name of walk: “Where’s Woodruff?” 2. Route of walk: The purpose of this walk is to go to every building that has the name Woodruff in the title.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Begin at the Woodruff Library 2. Walk to the Woodruff Memorial Research Building 3. Continue towards Clifton Road and walk to the Woodruff Health Sciences Center 4. Continue down Clifton and walk to the Woodruff Residential Center 5. Continue on Clifton and walk to the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing 6. Lastly, complete the walk by ending back at the Woodruff Physical Education Center and if you have time feel free to walk around the Woodruff P.E. Track 4. Why this is a good walk? I think that this is a great path for a lunch walk because it takes you off campus so you can explore Emorys other schools and buildings. People normally only stay on campus so this gives everyone a chance to walk down Clifton road that houses numerous important Emory buildings. By following this path during your lunch break, you can enjoy Emorys beautiful scenery while getting in a quick workout. 5. Map of Route: Jackie Gaylis...
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Lunch Walk Assignment - 1. Begin at the Woodruff Library 2....

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