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Midterm Study Guide - Week one Study guide for Guarneri The...

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Week one: Study guide for Guarneri, The Heart Speaks How would you characterize the experience(s) described in this volume? Personal experiences, incorporated past along with present experiences What is the nature of the author's conflict(s)? Her past experiences with heart disease in her family along with her medical school training teaching her that the heart is just a machine pumping blood and the way to fix it is with just other machines. What is your reaction to this? Surprise with her experiences with “alternative” medicines/solutions to otherwise seemingly depressing situations with her patients. What is the "Roseto effect" on heart disease? “Roseto effect” – Roseto is a small town predominantly of Italians, half the mortality rates of neighboring towns that could not be explained in contents of exercise, diet, cholesterol, smoking, and obesity. Strong sense of community. Members had lower risk of heart disease What is a stent? Wire metal mesh tube used to prop open artery during angioplasty. Inserted through the thigh, put over a balloon catheter. When balloon expands so does the stent. Stays in artery permanently. Narrative includes the transition in self concept with a diagnosis and the adoption of the role of a "patient". Guarneri didn’t allow herself to think of herself as a human and thought of herself impervious to illness. It wasn’t until she was overworked that one of the nurses took her to “scan her energy field”. Stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and after gone through this “cleansing”, Guarneri felt much better and realized the importance of dealing with stresses and maintaining balance What is the stress of "unconscious living?" “Unconscious living” is when one takes themselves from the present and starts thinking/worrying about the past or futures How is anger/hostility associated with heart disease? Heart attackes, angina, or other symptoms of coronary disease occurred much more often among “hostile men”. Pretty accurate indicator for heart disease along with low levels of HDL (good cholesterol) The 18 second interruption, the 17.9 minute visit vs the telling and receiving of stories that a diagnosis is found. 17.9 minutes are allocated for the patient to talk about their ailments until the doctor picks out something that can lead to a diagnosis, which will lead to not knowing the full
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story which can have essential information regarding their illness. Stress with doctors is that they have a certain quota of patients that they need to see and if they do not meet those quotas, consequences are likely. Doctors with better quality patient encounter are less likely to burn out. How are depression and grief harmful to health? What is a potential mechanism? Potential mechanisms for depression and grief are death, living alone, isolation, and
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Midterm Study Guide - Week one Study guide for Guarneri The...

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