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Study guide Dr. Miller's lecture - Study guide for Dr....

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Study guide for Dr. Miller's lecture Chronic health problems among children include asthma, ADHD, and autism, among others. Recent research suggests that environmental factors, and human behavior may be related to these statistics, both directly and indirectly. These observations identify the importance of early environment to an individual's medical history, and suggest we need better personal health history documentation. Consider the following observation: If your grandmother smoked while pregnant with your mother, you have twice the risk of developing asthma compared to someone who's grandmother did not smoke. It has been hypothesized that this results from alterations in gene expression involved in immune function. Children are exposed to lead as they breathe it and/or swallow it. How is where you live a lead poisoning risk? Lead exposure during childhood has both immediate and long-term effects. Under what conditions can pregnancy be associated with increasing lead levels among women? What are the potential developmental effects of lead poisoning? What sort of health risks are associated with mercury exposure among children? How are they exposed to mercury? [mercury vapor from coal-burning power plants, and mercury-containing items such as thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs, release mercury vapor upon breakdown in landfills; the vapor enters the air, rains down into water sources, is taken up by bacteria in plankton, which is eaten by small fish, that are eaten by bigger fish, that are consumed by
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Study guide Dr. Miller's lecture - Study guide for Dr....

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