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Unformatted text preview: Study guide for Ogden lecture This lecture was explicit in cautioning that all estimates are just that...estimates What percentage of the American population is "insured", by whatever means? ANS 85% The number of "uninsured" is approximately 46-50 million, or 15%. Who are these people? • 5 million undocumented citizens • 14 million individuals who are eligible but unrolled in Medicaid/SCHIP • 13 million poor individuals • 18 million individuals uninsured by choice (choose not to spend funds here) How does the US spend health care dollars? In 2007, it was estimated that we spent 2.24 trillion dollars. 71 % went to professional services 13 % to retail drugs and products 7 % government administration and private insurance 4 % investment in structures and equipment 3 % public health activities 2 % research In 2010, the US spends approximately 17 % of the GDP on health, and this is projected to be about 22 % by 2015....
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