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Emory University ANT231 : Predictive Health and Society TuTh 1:00PM - 2:15PM ANT 303 Spring 2011 Course Description: This course provides students with an introduction to the challenges facing twenty-first century health care and an appreciation of the importance of an integrated approach. The course explores a diversity of perspectives that confront societies in matters of health. Students examine how variability in cultural and social aspects of beliefs, attitudes, and values affect health-related behaviors. Students discuss the economic and ethical implications of strategies for health improvement among individuals, families and the larger society. Students also discuss the importance of education in health matters and work on strategic approaches for the development and implementation of educational initiatives promoting healthy life ways. This course highlights the real-time challenges of defining health and devising solutions to health-related issues as they are occurring in our society, presented by the people who are actively engaged in these issues. Readings: Listed on the BB course site. Contact List: Professor Michelle Lampl, PhD, MD 404-727- 2214 [email protected] Assistant Jennifer Vazquez, MS 404-686- 6194 [email protected] Prerequisites: None Course Requirements: Attendance/Participation : As a student in this course, it is expected that you will actively participate in each class and complete assignments on time. Assignments are due no later than the assigned due date. Exceptions to this policy will require explicit permission of the instructor in writing . Emory University Page 1 of 11 ANT231: Predictive Health2011
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Course Procedures: Dropping a Course: Emory students may withdraw from one or more courses until the Friday at 4pm of the sixth full week of class of the semester after the drop-add period providing that the student continues to carry a load of 12 credit hours or is in his/her final semester of residence as a graduating senior. Please consult your advisor or the Office for Undergraduate Education Disability : Emory University is committed to ensuring that all University goods, services, facilities, and programs are meaningfully accessible to eligible persons with a disability in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 1973, and other pertinent federal, state, and local laws. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) is the central clearinghouse that processes and facilitates all accommodation requests from qualified students who have completed the registration process in its entirety. Students are responsible for initiating the accommodation request process by self disclosing their disability and/or chronic medical condition directly to ODS. More detailed information is available on the website at , or make requests directly to the Office of Disability Services, Emory University, 201 Dowman Drive, University Administration
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Syllabus - Emory University ANT231: Predictive Health and...

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