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SORAM KHALSA, M.D. – “VITAMIN D REVOLUTION” Vitamin D deficiency is now connected with 17 varieties of cancer, along with heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, autoimmune disease, diabetes, chronic pain and osteoporosis Current obsession with preventing sun/skin damage also prevents people from absorbing Vitamin D through sunlight Rickets is a serious disease related to Vitamin D deficiency (UV light helped) Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it is a hormone Because vitamin D is produced by the body when we are exposed to UVB rays, it does not fully meet the criteria of being a vitamin Vitamin D 2 ( Ergocalciferol ) is produced in plants and fungi when exposed to sunlight It is much less potent and less effective than vitamin D 3 Vitamin D 3 ( Cholecalciferol) is naturally produced in humans and animals when sunlight hits the skin, fur or feathers. Vitamin D 3 is considered safer than D2 because the body naturally removes excess D3 Vitamin 25D ( Calcidiol ) is a prehormone made from the Vitamin D3 in the blood o Also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D o Must get this level tested when testing Vitamin D at the doctor 1,25D 3 ( Calcitrol ) is also made from D3, it is a potent steroid hormone manufactured in many cells, tissues and organs How we get out vitamin D o The sun hits your skin or you take a Vitamin D3 supplement o Vitamin D3 becomes 25D o 25D becomes 1,25D3 UVA rays are long rays from the sun that penetrate the skin more deeply to cause premature aging, discoloration and wrinkles. (No affect on Vitamin D)
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