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ENVS 132--STUDY GUIDE #1 TOPICS Introduction to Environmental Studies Why is Environmental Studies referred to as interdisciplinary? It requires the cooperation of many different fields to fully understand all of the factors that play into the environment. Inter means interactions between and environmental studies requires the different disciplines of science to work. There are also interdisciplinary problems of envs o What are the relevant disciplines? Natural and social sciences. biology, economics, anthropology, ecology, physics, political science, chemistry, geology, engineering, sociology, ethology, meteorology, oceanography, atmospheric science Why would concentration on one discipline lead to problems in Environmental Studies? Without a full range of the different disciplines, it is difficult to address solutions. All aspects have to be taken into account so that a potential solution does not in turn lead to another problem. Any of the issues have complicated issues; only parts uncover pieces. Envs involve people too – not just organisms. Most env problems are more complicated What is Science? It is the study of the natural world and how it works. Scientific evaluation is the key to the successful solution of any environmental problem. A body of knowledge – a collection of facts about the natural world and a search for relationships among these facts. A dynamic process – a systematic way to investigate the natural world. How is science used to help solve environmental problems? It helps provide a method by which we can investigate problems and come up with potential solutions. It also allows us to have a deeper insight into how things are related and work together in our world. There are five scientific stages in addressing an environmental problem. (scientific assessment, risk analysis, public education
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Envs132StudyGuide1 - ENVS 132-STUDY GUIDE#1 TOPICS...

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