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aa hw 1 - that of the white man thus they are usually...

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Susan Martinez September 11, 2009 African American History II Homework Assignment #1 1. A black man from Virginia is writing to the president on behalf of the injustices they are going through as freedmen. The time period is immediately after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War. 2. They were treated worse than slavery because within slavery, at least their master’s cared about their well-being and ability to work; so in some way they protected them since they were considered their property. However, now they are easily arrested for walking down the street without proof of employment, their wages are cut back much more than that of a white man, they struggle to own land, and if they ever complain, it is their word against
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Unformatted text preview: that of the white man; thus, they are usually penalized. 3. These men put their future into the hands of the president. They state at the beginning of their letter how loyal they are to the president and the union, how they helped the troops in war, how they voted to preserve the union and are willing to stay supportive of the republican party. Hence, in this act of showing how good they are to their country, they expect the same in return, such as protection from violence and injustice of southern whites. They want more northern reforms to be enforced because the south has yet to acknowledge them. 4....
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