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Susan Martinez May 24, 2010 Psychology of Death and Dying Movie Review Assignment My Sister’s Keeper The 2009 film, My Sister’s Keeper, is about the Fitzgerald family and their struggle to deal with the progression of leukemia in their oldest daughter, Kate Fitzgerald, 16 years old. The main narrator of the movie is the youngest sibling, Anna Fitzgerald, 12 years old. The movie begins with the concept of planning for a child, and how Anna Fitzgerald was a donor baby engineered to save her older sister’s life in hopes to win the battle over cancer. The plot thickens as the conflict arises with Anna no longer wanting to be a part of the struggle to keep her sister alive by donating her kidney. Subsequently, she hires a lawyer and files for medical emancipation and the rights to her own body. As the mother, Sara Fitzgerald, fights with her daughter, family, and everyone around them to keep Kate alive, death in her eyes is something that can inevitably be avoided. As the film concludes, the true motive of Anna is revealed; Kate had come to terms with death and was ready to die, thus she asked her younger sister to set her free. Kate Fitzgerald exemplifies growth in death and dying, and being able to live and face death rather than try to escape it. The movie ends with the family visiting Kate’s favorite place, Montana, every year on her birthday, and the narrator questioning reasons for death and dying, yet still understanding and realizing death happens, and that it is not the end all, be all of everything. Death is portrayed as something that should be evaded at all costs, especially by the mother. From the diagnosis of leukemia, Sara Fitzgerald promises her husband that she will not
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let her daughter die. She immediately makes the decision to create Kate’s “genetic savior”. To take on this fulltime job of taking care of Kate, Sara quits her job as a lawyer. She is fully dedicated to keeping the house germ-free, cooking organic food, and monitoring Kate’s condition 24/7. Being anxious about Kate’s situation, Sarah is always under stress and happens to be easily irritated, and neglecting of her other children. The father, Brian Fitzgerald, is a fireman. He, too, avoids death but in a different manner
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death & dying- movie paper - Susan Martinez...

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