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dev & soc control- journal 1 - Susan Martinez...

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Susan Martinez January 28, 2010 Deviance and Social Control Recitation Group 3 Journal: “The Pharmaceutical Industry” and “Caution: Killing germs may be hazardous to your health.” Both of the readings out of Conrad and the article have to do with drugs and the expansion of power of pharmaceutical companies. In Conrad’s, “The Pharmaceutical Industry”, it discusses the history and change in events that brought about the vast emergence of pharmaceutical corporations controlling the medicalization of society. Before, doctors were in jurisdiction of diagnosing illness, prescribing medication, and informing the public of new age drugs. In addition, pharmaceutical companies had to pitch and market their drugs to doctors to get their products out into the community. However, with the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997, everything in the medical field has changed. “Revisions in FDA regulations allowed for a wider usage and promotion of off-label uses of drugs and facilitated direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising, especially on television” (Conrad 134). This meant that no longer did these companies have to view doctors as the consumer, but instead change their demographic in the direction of the public. Hence, now all their advertisements are directly viewed by the public for “educational and awareness raising” purposes, but mostly to generate a profit. This new DTC advertising creates a whole venue of “blockbuster drugs that are prescribed for common complaints, such as allergy, heart burn, arthritis, ‘erectile dysfunction,’ depression and anxiety” (Conrad 134). This form of advertising extinguishes the use of doctors by allowing the consumer to diagnose themselves, prescribe themselves, and it also informs them of the new
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dev & soc control- journal 1 - Susan Martinez...

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